Flip Side ft. Teisha Marie

by Y U S E F

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Second release from the widely anticipated debut LP from YUSEF, Jazz & the Joint Forces


Yo hot love was discovered in the beginning like BAMM!

Out of nothing came something
Time lapses, old flings no longer matter
We gradually cascaded over temptations
Thru the sounds of a love supreme
She drove a blue M3
Could this be my wife to be
within my own hugs reach?
She cooked my favorite, shrimp scampi
On off nights we'd have tortillas with cheese
Maybe some rice n beans nothin extrordinary
I loved the humbling theme despite her law degree
Together forged a team
Living proportionately to the
laws of all that is unseen
Strawberry luv scenes she wispered
Closely some very close things
What did these words mean was this some motif
In the life of one of the best ever producers out of Queens?

It's the Flip Side,
You can no longer hide the truth
I see you
It's the Flip Side
You can no longer hide the truth
I see you

The flip side inevitably gon hit ya like BAMM!

Living eyes wide shut
She's out in Medina thowin mai tai's up
I bounced in the Beemer for my 5 Guys crush
I doubt she would leave my lenky 5 finger clutch
But now nothings enough, she popping fool
Devulging all sorts of privacies to crew
We battling in ways I never thought we'd do
Had me mentally drained
Spiritually subdued N I'm on empty
It's times like this the devil tempts me
This can't be it pushed my eject seat
Gotta protect me too
Yo Sometimes a new love'll get old too soon
Despite all my lies ima tell u truth
We might not be meant but ur still valued
Yo there's qualities of a queen id never thought till u
I'm kinda jealous of ur man
when ur life gets smooth so boom

Thats how it goes sometimes.


released August 21, 2012
Produced and arranged by Yusef
Written by Yusef and Teisha Marie
Flute by Nico Laget
Bass by Marc Foster
Keys by Joe Brotherton



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